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Nokia finally has a flagship Android phone and it's beautiful

Finally, Nokia has a true flagship Android phone to get excited about. It's called the Nokia 8 and unlike Nokia's existing And...

Apple's iOS 11 update comes with a secret 'cop button' to disable Touch ID in a hurry

A so-called cop button has been added to the iPhone's latest iOS operating system  iOS 11 which lets users discreetly turn off the To...

The Nest thermostat might be getting a facelift

The Nest Learning Thermostat is now in its third generation, and aside from software updates, the device has largely retained its appearan...

New malware "Faketoken" masquerades as a ride-sharing app

An update to the venerable Faketoken.q Android malware has made it easier for the program to steal your credit card information from ride-...

WhatsApp Set to Add Payments Gateway In The Chat App

WhatsApp users are set to see an exciting new feature in the chat app, one that allows them to send money to friends and relatives without...

Nokia 8 Full Specifications and Price

The good stuff about this phone is that you can take photos and record videos and live stream from both the front and rear cameras simultan...

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