How to Transfer Money to your US Bank Account on PayPal's Android App

Before now, PayPal allows us to withdraw our funds to our Bank account directly, but it usually takes 24 hours or more for the money to be credited to our Bank account.

Earlier this year, PayPal announced Instant bank transfers using eligible debit cards linked to your PayPal account. This feature was only available on the web's version of PayPal.
Now, PayPal has brought this feature to its Android app. PayPal Instant transfer allows you to transfer money from your PayPal account directly to your bank account using the linked debit card on your account.

PayPal instant bank transfer is very fast within 30 minutes and $0.25 is being charged per transaction unlike withdrawing to your US bank account that takes a day or two to reflect on the account.

This feature is now live for everyone on the latest Paypal update on the PlayStore. It should only work in the US though — Paypal hasn't yet announced if it will ever come to other countries. As for which debit cards it works with, there's no official list of supported cards listed by PayPal.

You can download PayPal on Playstore Here.

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