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Welcome to our services page, we offer the following services in the ICT and BUISNESS world. We will help you to achieve your aim online by using our products and services and we’re assuring you a 99% of good work.


v  Blog Design
v  Payoneer MasterCard
v  PayPal Account
v  Google AdSense Account
v  Web Design
v  Web Hosting

1)   Blog Design: If you have ever wanted to own a blog that you can be able to make money from, we are here to assist you to achieve your goal.
We can design any type of blog both BLOGSPOT & WORDPRESS. All you need to do is to contact us and tell us the type of design you want.

2)    Payoneer MasterCard: This is an international company that gives you a MasterCard, you can use this the card to do so many online transactions without having any isues. In fact, they’re the number one online digital banking platform and its trusted by millions of customers.
We can help you get your card and it will be shipped to you within 2 weeks of applying, if you’re into any online business you will need this card to make transactions all around the world. Use the contact us button to reach us and submit your form.

3)    PayPal Account: This is another online / digital banking platform, though you will have to link it to your local ATM Card as to enable you do transactions. This one doesn’t take time to create.

4)    Google AdSense Account: Many people knows about this advertising platform, this account sometimes are hard to get due to lack  too much of people are venturing in to it and they’re been banned after they violated their rules. Before you can apply for this account you must make sure your website / blog is okay with their policy. But if you’re afraid of getting disapproved, don’t worry we’re here to help you.
We can help you get your AdSense account verified with 1 week of applying, we assure you 99% of good work.

5)    Web Design: We also design websites, just like our main blog. We will give you a neat design both WORDPRESS & BLOGSPOT. Without any bugs, below are what you will get when we design a website for you.
SEO friendly design
► A home page with read more and post thumbnail features both mobile and pc view.

► Numbered posts navigation on Pc view

► Custom css functionality

► Custom mobile view looks, awesome

► Can easily display ad banners, related posts etc on mobile view and pc view

► Can display ads almost anywhere in the website; above logo, below logo, inside posts, footer etc

► My Template is mobile and pc responsive

► Compliance with Google AdSense rules

6)    Web Hosting: Let us help you in hosting your website with the largest and best hosting company in the whole world, with sweet packages that you will love to use.

Contact Us for any of the above mentioned services, a trial will convince you.
Looking forward in doing business with you.

Warm Regards from all of us at Nwogu Technologies Concepts

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